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About Ethan M. Kottler

Ethan M. Kottler, Esq., graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in business administration in 1991. He then graduated with honors from Tulane University Law School cum laude in 1995. He then relocated to Nevada where he served as the Chief Family Court Judge’s law clerk. He has practiced in Family Law, Estate Planning and Probate since that time, working on thousands of divorce, custody, probate, and estate matters. Ethan has also worked as a hearing master presiding over Domestic Violence Hearings.

Area Of Practice

Provides services in the following practice areas and offering virtual appointments for your convenience.


All community property must be divided as equally as possible. There are exceptions based...

Child Custody

Child Custody is an emotional and complex matter that requires not only an experienced attorney..

Estate Planning

Ethan will tell you what is more beneficial for your situation, a Will or a Trust.


Ethan Kottler has more than two decades of experienced filing probate matters in Las Vegas and Reno.


Guardianship can be quit complicated necessitating the guidance of an experienced attorney.